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Fusion6 is our into-plane refuelling management platform providing full remote visibility of ground fuelling operations by connecting data from airports to airlines.
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"Over the last five years, real-time information has helped to improve operational efficiency - allowing us to better plan and allocate fuel orders. We have a much better view of our fuelling operations with more accurate and robust data.”
- Menzies Aviation

More efficient airport operations.

Complete into-plane management platform.

Management Dashboard

Control everything at your site with a complete overview of your operations.

Order Allocations

Manage your workforce, allocate fuel orders with the Allocations List & Gantt.

Dynamic Scheduling

Use AI to find the optimal scenario for allocating fuel orders from hundreds of options.

Aircraft Movements

Create and track all aircraft movements at your location.

Live Telemetry

Use the live Telemetry Map to pinpoint the locations of your operators and their vehicles.

Real-time Operations

Create and export real-time operations information for your locations, including daily close-out.

Customer Services

Create, track, and allocate service orders and set up automatic orders based on flight type.

Detailed Reporting

Access to a wide range of detailed and customisable reports.

Customisable Settings

Tailor every aspect of Fusion6 to meet the specific needs of your location.
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Menzies Fuel Operator

How Menzies enhanced operational efficiency.

Learn about how Menzies Aviation was able to utilise our into-plane platform to reduce vehicle downtime whilst also improving safety.
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"By digitalising our operations we continue to lead with efficient aviation services.”
- Graham Scott, Vice President Operations, Menzies